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Pandemic Community

2020 has changed us as a national community. With so much division among citizens, the country has struggled to find it's focus, and begin to shape a vision. Coronavirus caught us off guard, and is challenging our capacity to problem-solve without unity. History is filled with examples of how this never works, and yet our national community is moving through the tragedy of loss without an understanding of how to harness our best to bring comfort, build resources, and protect our most vulnerable. Its a despairing awareness of the cracks in our social fabric.

The disparity in the loss of life clearly reveals how vulnerable our ethnic populations are around the nation where preventative healthcare has been lacking, and communities battle for basic need resources. The issue of race has pushed itself to the front of the pandemic worries. Frustrations, fears, and biases that have long existed in the U.S. continue to damage the soul of our community. They have never been properly addressed, and today we face an unknown biological threat taking 100,000 Americans in three months. We see the raw truth that while we toil in overworking ourselves, and building economic gains, we neglect the core human foundation essential to a healthy community.

It appears we are battling multiple viruses at once. The good people are out there, giving of themselves, daring to show more love in the midst of fear and impatience. Rethinking how we work together is much more than the space between us- it's about shared personal experiences between cultures and race. It will be the spirit of so many loving Americans that will delve into healing and rebuilding a stronger, united community during, and beyond this pandemic.

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