Gallery of Efforts

Our community partners and volunteers are our treasures.  We celebrate the investment of our communities in building bridges and opening new avenues for our children.  It is faith and not fear that makes our American spirit stronger and closer to the excellence of our united potential.  

Our efforts include:

Madres Raising Texas- Our newest initiative to support the advocacy voice of Latina and diverse mothers as they shape the future of their communities.  This special membership initiative begins in  2020.


Texas HOPE ConsortiumOUR UPCOMING TEXAS HOPE CONSORTIUM WILL BE VIRTUAL AUGUST 19, 2020!   All community resource professionals are welcomed to join us. Send us an email to attend a special presentation on serving our immigrant communities with Paola Guzman, MSW - Social Service Director - Houston Immigration Services Collaborative.


Helping Outreach Professionals Engage our most vulnerable and diverse populations, while nurturing professional wellbeing. Annual meetings for social service professionals to address community barriers and outreach.  This is a support initiative that values those on the front lines of community building in underserved areas.

Community & Leadership Guidance-  Assessing emerging challenges impacting families is key to connecting the best resources that uplift  and empower communities. 

Volunteer Pueblitos & Navarro Community Ambassadors- Volunteerism is an essential learning and building tool in American communities.  Civic participation, and response to crisis and disaster bring diverse people together in "Pueblitos" of helpers to respond to the basic needs and functions of our community.  Pueblitos help  us learn and value  one another as we build community.


Connecting our gifted Latino community with opportunities to serve and learn more about civic emgagement is the goal of the Navarro Ambassadors program that places diverse volunteers within communities.  This program is named after the Tejano hero Jose Antonio Navarro, a founding father of Texas.


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