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3/13/20 ·

Covid-19/ Coronavirus-
The Texas Familias Council has been closely following the developments of the Covid-19 virus. Currently, local diagnostic testing is limited. This is making it difficult to assess clusters of community spread around the country. We hope federal and local systems see appropriate availability of testing very soon. Please follow these developments in testing. This virus is especially devastating to our elder populations, and those with compromised immune systems. Public health officials continue to urge social distancing, frequent handwashing, no hand shaking/hugging, cover mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, home isolation if you have any grade fever, keeping elders away from large groups and at home as much as possible, maintaining healthy eating and sleeping habits to optimize overall health. Keep shoes, cell phones, and other surfaces disinfected in the home. While symptoms seem most severe in the senior population, young children and teens are still vulnerable to this virus, and do become spreaders. Our Council strongly recommends keeping calm by simply shifting daily routines, but also taking seriously the impact of this pandemic over the next several weeks. We recommend avoiding large gatherings, and nonessential meetings. Call your healthcare provider if you are concerned and experiencing symptoms similar to a cold or flu. Check in on your elders and their living supplies. Teach your young about our biology, and our ability to care for our health. Talk with them about our astute medical professionals prepared to care for those that do become ill. It's key to not scare our children, but speak with them about our connection to one another, our vulnerability, our prudent choices to be careful, and our faith in carrying us through unexpected challenges.

Many blessings of good health to all our precious familias,

Maria Baños Jordan, President
Texas Familias Council


Area hospitals in Texas are exploring setting up triage sites where medical employees can test potentially infected people away from ER. This could include drive-thru sites.

Check for changing updates as more resources are coming available.

People are urged to keep social distancing and wear face masks during this period of transmission risk.  The threat of community spread is serious, and without a vaccine, or treatment, everyone is vulnerable to illness and long-term complications.




Follow the Texas Health and Human Services site:


Harris County, Texas will begin "drive-thru" testing at various locations around the county.


Council Spring events and meetings will be rescheduled.  We strongly urge ongoing practices of social distancing, use of face masks in public, frequent handwashing,  avoidance of large  gatherings.

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