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Finding A New Way

Amidst an economic decline brought on by a terrible pandemic, the brewing social inequality issues overflow with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN during a dubious police arrest. Mr. Floyd was raised in Houston, and had family, and strong friendships in the Third Ward of Houston- a historically African American community. The moment of restraint and death was videoed by witnesses that pleaded for his release from a deadly neck compression hold by four police officers. Hearing his cries for his mother, as he lost breath and consciousness, was excruciating to hear. It was a devastating moment experienced by much of America, and the shock turned to rage against a mindset of brutality that exists in some law enforcement departments . Racism has been interwoven into the story of America. Our Latino, Indigenous, Asian, and African American peoples have struggled to achieve equality within social institutions across generations. Today the U.S. has the largest, most diverse young population consisting of all cultures. This America is finding it's voice, and it is weary of the old injustices still plaguing society and limiting it's potential. Dialogue has become a lost art and social media has become an outlet for frustrations as communities grow and change. Traditional cultures have looked to the elders to share wisdom through the stories of the past, but we've lost much of this in modern culture. Our young need our love, and our guidance, but our elders also need to have a message of clarity to nurture the way forward. The great hope is that we will find a new way around old wounds once we connect and heal together. Supporting trusted institutions that promote dialogue and reform is key. These local, community-building institutions are essential to the long process we must undertake. We all have a part in this, and we can't sit on the sidelines afraid to speak about the truth of our discomfort.

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